Dentistry in Tijuana is changing as we are now using modern science to practice dentistry. The ozone therapy has been more beneficial than present conventional therapeutic modalities.

This state of the art technology in Mexico allows us to take a minimally invasive and conservative approach to dental treatment. The elucidation of molecular mechanisms of ozone further benefits practical application in dentistry.

Treating patients with ozone therapy reduces the treatment time with a great deal of difference and it eliminates the bacterial count more precisely. The treatment is completely painless and increases the patients’ acceptability and compliance with minimal adverse effects.



There are several known actions of ozone on human body, such as immunostimulating and analgesic, antihypoxic and detoxicating, antimicrobial, bioenergetic and biosynthetic (activation of the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids).

The antimicrobial effect of ozone as a result of its action on cells by damaging its cytoplasmic membrane due to ozonolysis of dual bonds and also ozone-induced modification of intracellular contents (oxidation of proteins loss of organelle function) because of secondary oxidants effects. This action is non-specific and selective to microbial cells; it does not damage human body cells because of their major antioxidative ability.

Ozone is very efficient in antibiotics resistant strains. Its antimicrobial activity increases in liquid environment of the acidic pH. In viral infections the ozone action lies in the intolerance of infected cells to peroxides and change of activity of reverse transcriptase, which takes part in synthesis of viral proteins.

Ozone influences cellular and humoral immune system. It stimulates proliferation of immunocompetent cells and synthesis of immunoglobulins. It also activates function of macrophages and increases sensitivity of micro-organisms to phagocytosis.

This means that the application of medical ozone is extremely useful for immune activation in patients with a low immune status and/or immune deficit.7 Ozone causes the synthesis of biologically active substances such as interleukins, leukotrienes and prostaglandins which is beneficial in reducing inflammation and wound healing.

Ozone brings about the rise of pO2 in tissues and improves transportation of oxygen in blood, which results in change of cellular metabolism – activation of aerobic processes (glycolysis, Krebs cycle, ?-oxidation of fatty acids) and use of energetic resources.

It activates mechanisms of protein synthesis, increases amount of ribosomes and mitochondria in cells. These changes on the cellular level explain elevation of functional activity and regeneration potential of tissues and organs.

A high concentration of ozone kills bacteria very quickly and is thousand times more powerful than other bacterial killing agents.



The influence of ozonized water on the epithelial wound healing process in the oral cavity was observed It was found that ozonized water applied on the daily basis can accelerate the healing rate in oral mucosa.

This effect can be seen in the first two postoperative days. The comparison with wounds without treatment shows that daily treatment with ozonized water accelerates the physiological healing rate.

Our patients that visit our dental office in Tijuana, Mexico are treated with ozone got healed more quickly without the need for systemic medication.


Setting the standard-of-care and therapeutic goals are based on sound evidence-based science is critical. Therapeutic goals are inclusiveand not exclusive of standard of care. The goals of oxygen/ozone therapy are 5:

  1. Elimination of pathogens.
  2. Restoration of proper oxygen metabolism.
  3. Induction of a friendly ecologic environment.
  4. Increased circulation.
  5. Immune activation.
  6. Simulation of the humoral anti-oxidant system.