Porcelain veneers in Tijuana prices

All that you need know about Porcelain Veneers in Tijuana

Porcelain veneers in Tijuana are one of the most requested treatments on this part of the US border.Many of the patients who visit us have told us that they sometimes hide their lips or their mouths when they smile. It is also true that misaligned teeth can affect a person’s confidence.
Our dentists in Tijuana can restore that confidence in 2 to 3 visits. Our modern “Smile Design” methodology allows us to transform your smile with an artistic approach in such a way that the smile fits your personality.
The advantage of veneers over crowns is that it is less invasive and they become one of the best options for “Hollywood Smiles”.

The process that we follow in our dental clinic in Tijuana for the restoration with veneers is the following:
It all starts by taking a set of photographs of your teeth and the surrounding gums. Then with our smile design software, we create visual patterns of how porcelain veneers will look in your mouth.
Once you approve the previous model, we will create the faces of temporary teeth so that you can be sure that you like the appearance. Any adjustments that need to be made, including design changes, bite function or color, can easily be done at this stage. Already in the final visit, the necessary adjustments are made and the porcelain veneers are finished to join your tooth.

Dental Crown PricesTijuana Dental Crowns PricesU.S. Prices
PFM (Porcelain Fuse to Metal) CrownsUSD 299USD 700
E-Max CrownsUSD 399USD 980
Zirconia CrownsUSD 499USD 1,250
Full Upper Smile RejuvenationUSD 6,299USD 13,900