Root Canals in Tijuana Mexico

Root Canals in Tijuana

In this image, you can see the middle tooth that had a root canal. The adjacent teeth show the teeth that have a root canal plus post.


Root Canals in Tijuana Mexico

A Root Canal procedure is used when your tooth is damaged to the pulp or When the cavity has reached or is very close to the pulp. Its procedure is mainly used to prevent or remedy infection or pain.

In many cases, root canals in Tijuana can be completed in one day. If you have a strong infection, our endodontic specialist will not complete the root canal on the same visit. If your cheek is swollen it is a good sign of infection in your tooth.
It is very important to control the infection, work with an infection will require more local anesthetic effort and our endodontist in Mexico can not clean the entire root of your tooth when there is a strong infection. If you have a strong infection, it is important that you visit a local doctor to get a prescription for antibiotics and get these medicines to lower the infection. If the infection has subsided, our endodontic specialist will be able to finish your Root canals treatment in Tijuana on the same day.

Root Canals in Tijuana Visit Day

On the day of your visit to our dental clinic in Mexico, our endodontic specialist will begin the root canal treatment process, open the infected teeth and place the medications necessary for the bacteria to disappear.
You will feel great relief but will have to return to a second visit after a week to finish the root canal procedure in Tijuana.

Why attend a specialist in endodontics in Mexico?

A specialist in endodontics receives a complementary education of more than 2 years than a regular dentist, which gives him an important advantage in this type of treatments, in addition, our endodontic specialist sees about 20 cases every week.
The advantage that having a complete team of dentists can give you the best option to your case.
In our dental clinic in Tijuana, we have found many times that a dentist in the U.S. informs them that they need a root canal, but sometimes only a filling or a crown is necessary, that is why the correct and honest evaluation of each patient is very important.

Root Canals or Dental Implants

Many times a tooth can not be saved by root canal treatment, in these cases, a dental implant becomes a good alternative as they are designed to last a lifetime if you have good oral health.
A root canal procedure can take 3, 5, 10 years before needing another treatment and be depending on the structure of the tooth will be analyzed if it can survive another root canal treatment.

Root Canal Prices in Tijuana
Root canal treatments are very expensive in U.S. Many patients visit us from the United States for their root canal in Tijuana.
Root canals in the United States charge for root canal treatment and post. The cost of a root canal of $ 950 with a dentist in the U.S. plus the cost of the post becomes a total of $ 1,250.
In our dental clinic in Tijuana, the price of a root canal ranges from $350-400 for each root canal already with the included post and the advantage of being attended by a specialist in endodontics.
After your treatment, our endodontist will take some digital radiographs (99% radiation reduction) to verify that the treatment was performed correctly.
A typical root canal in Tijuana process takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour per tooth. If you have questions about this and any other particular treatment feel free to call us at 1 (619) 906-7481 to get an appointment for your root canal treatment in Tijuana.


An example of Tijuana Dentist Prices:

Full Mouth Dental Implant CostTijuana Dentist PricesUS Prices
Single Tooth Dental Implant per tooth$799$1,850
Single Tooth Dental Implant with Crown per tooth$1,399$4,100
Dental Implant Snap Dentures with 4 dental implants$4,899$12,690
All on 4 with 4 dental implants full mouth$8,999 - 11,999$17,250
All on 6 with 4 dental implants full mouth$12,599 - $16,999$46,000
Root Canal Treatment$349$1,250